BMW Replacement Headlights : HID or LED Lights?


You won’t mostly care about how long your headlights last until your headlights have already burned up. Of course, you know how important the lights of your car are, but the problem is if the car itself doesn’t have any indication when the lights will stop working. As much as possible, and as a car owner, it is also necessary to know how long is the lifespan of your car headlights. If you are looking to replace or update your stock BMW headlights, it will be helpful to find out more about the BMW replacement headlights on the market.

Actually the longevity of your headlights is determined by a couple of factors such as the involved voltage, lumens, watts, and so on. The type of BMW replacement headlights is also necessary and they are also superseded by a more crucial part. Two of the most common types of car light used by most cars are the High Intensity Discharge or Hid, and Light Emitting Diodes known also as LED. Knowing the difference the two will also help you in deciding, which is more beneficial to your vehicle and how long you will be able to use their bulbs.

High intensity discharge lamps use metal halide suspended in xenon gas and could be use for about 2,000 hours. With the use of HID, your car headlight will be able to produce more light, but with less electricity. A lot of car manufacturers find this a great advantage as it reduces carbon dioxide emissions since the car’s engine works less. Although there are some agencies that still question the legalities of HID since the lights are too bright for the road, a lot of drivers, find this advantageous as the bulbs create bright blue white light that makes them see much better at night.

LED Headlights

Light emitting diodes or LED is mostly common when it comes to signal, brake, tail lights, and accessory lights. However, they are also widely used for headlights. There aren’t any current lifespan reports on LED though, but most automakers would claim that it will last longer than HID lamps. The challenge for LED lamps though is that it produces more heat than HID. However, with the new innovation in LED bulbs production, manufacturers are finding means to deal and dispel the heat.

As you will soon find out, heat is the number one source why your common halogen bulb dies. Heat can also affect your engine, transmission, brakes and other car systems. So make sure that you do enough research on the type of BMW replacement headlights you will replace them with to enjoy the luxury of using them for a long time.



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