BMW F11 Upgrades – Popular Upgrade Options For Wagon Lovers!

F11 BMW 5 Series Wagon

Are you a wagon lover? The F11 BMW 5 Series is really a nice looking wagon. In fact, the F11 has received the most prestigious design awards in Germany this year. It is a great family car or work vehicle and there are nice BMW F11 upgrades that you can find to modify your wagon.

If you are looking to enhance your F11’s look, sound and performance, consider some of these cool BMW F11 upgrades.

F11 Exterior Upgrade

You can find aerodynamics and body kits that will fit your F11 wagon. Aerodynamics and body kits for F11 wagons may include a front lip spoiler set, under splitter, side skirt, rear diffuser and trunk spoiler. Finding a body kit that will fit your F11 will surely make a noticeable cosmetic upgrade.

Small BMW F11 upgrades can make a significant difference. Some F11 owners recommend tinting the windows and maybe replacing the stock kidney grills with a blackout grill inserts.

F11 Performance Upgrades

For sure, F10 engine modifications will fit into your F11. For that extra engine power, catback exhaust systems will be a great addition to your car. Your best performance upgrade for your F11 is to enhance the air intake or software and chip tune. These performance upgrades will surely work in your F11.

F11 Suspension Enhancement

You can enhance the suspension springs with a new suspension spring kit that will allow the body to go a little lower and an improved driving comfort. New spring kits for wagons are designed to meet extreme driving performance. With better suspension springs and components, your F11 will have the lower, more muscular and more athletic look.

Modified F11 5 Series

F11 Wheels

One way to make significant improvement to your F11 wagon is to have a new set of BMW wheels. The F10 5 Series wheels will fit the F11′s, so there is no problem finding a set of wheels that will give your BMW a new look. You can choose from 18” to 21” set of wheels to make your BMW look much better. There are different finishes and styles that will fit your taste and budget.

So as you can see, the BMW F11 wagon may be a nice family car or work vehicle but there are cool BMW F11 upgrades that you can do to take a step further in improving the look, driving dynamics and driving experience. Your terrific wagon will look much better with these great F11 add-ons. Find quality F11 parts if you choose to modify your wagon.


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