BMW E65 Grills – Fix Up Your E65 7 Series With Simple Upgrade

You can easily identify a BMW vehicle by its kidney grills. The BMW kidney grills are original BMW design. Although the original BMW E65 kidney grill set looks good, you can upgrade your BMW E65 OEM grills to a more stylish aftermarket kidney grill inserts. Many BMW owners upgrade the front grills of their car because of the great style and high grade materials of new aftermarket kidney grills. With the improved quality and look of aftermarket BMW E65 grills, more and more E65 owners are changing to their own style of grills.

If you are looking for a simple upgrade that can make noticeable chance to the look of your BMW, updating the front grills of your E65 is great and less expensive upgrade you can do. Aside from the aesthetic improvement that you can get from updating your E65 grills, it adds extra protection to the important parts of your engine. Do not let cracked or damaged front grills ruin the beauty of your luxury car. Fix up your BMW E65 grills with some simple upgrade.

There are different types of finishes that will complement your 740i paint or your choice. If you want that black out stealth look, you can find BMW E65 grills in matte black, black out or shadow finish. If you want something unique then having carbon fiber grills will be a cool addition. With these options, you will surely find the grill set that will perfectly match your E65.

BMW E65 Grills - Matte Black

These are great options when you want to change the chrome grills. The chrome grills on E65’s make it look dated compared to the dark finished grills, but the chrome grills the car a decent quality look (something that you do not get from black grills). However, it is all personal preference and the point of updating your BMW E65 grill inserts is to give your car a fresh look.

High quality BMW front hood grills are made of light weight ABS materials. They have precise fitment like the factory BMW grill so there is no need for modifications. Installation is easy and in just a few minutes you can complete the install.

Refresh the front end of your BMW E65 with high quality aftermarket kidney grill inserts. Updating your factory kidney grills is a simple upgrade that can create a stunning visual effect. Upgrade your E65 grills to the stylish aftermarket BMW E65 grills now!



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