BMW E46 Corner Lights Upgrade

If you are driving a BMW E46 and are in the process of changing your corner lights, do not worry because this process is actually not that difficult. All you will need to do is just watch some great videos that could help you with the step-by-step process of taking out your old lens and then putting your new ones. But what type of BMW E46 corner lights should you choose and where you can find them?

Well, one great choice for your car is to choose the clear corner black housing lens that is made for those who are driving a BMW E46. These lenses are made to make anyone feel amuse about the car as it provides better driving visibility. It is also recommended to install Stealth Bulbs on your car so that you can get rid of that old yellowish color common in most cars. Such bulbs are made with chrome coated bulbs meant for your corner lenses. Your car will be unique in every way and you will have everyone’s attention on your car.

So how are you going to install your clear corner black housing lens? You will need to take out your old corner lights with the use of a screw. Since your BMW E46 corner lights has a clip on, you will just put the screw into the fender and then depress the screwdriver on the tip of the V on the back of the corner light and it will pop out easily. Twist counter clockwise to remove the light and you are done. Of course, you will need to clean the corners first before you install the new clear corner black housing lens and once you are done your BMW will look much better.

So where can you get great looking BMW E46 corner lights? One way to easily get them is through the Internet since there are a lot of great upgrades that you can do with your car for less the price when you purchase them online. You can have this together with your Angel EyeHID, projector upgrades and with new stealth bulbs. Do not worry because such upgrades are not that difficult to install. All you will need is to have your screwdriver with you, a towel or a rag to clean the trimmer first and you are good to go. Keep in mind that such upgrade is also important in making your car look special and at the same time safe to drive in.


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