BMW E30 Headlight Upgrade – Notice A Far More Dramatic Difference

One of the most successful BMW model was the E30. It was a great BMW vehicle that you can still see running on the streets even now. If you are looking to upgrade your E30, you can start with the E30 headlight upgrade. For many BMW E30 owners, the headlights of this BMW model are unimpressive. With modern aftermarket BMW headlights available on the market today, you can find better headlight replacement for old E30 halogen sealed beam headlights. Since the old sealed beams are very inefficient and do not provide enough usable output, it is just reasonable to upgrade your BMW E30 headlights.

Bring your BMW E30 back to life with new E30 headlights.

If you still have those old halogen sealed beam headlights on your E30, it is time to consider upgrading your headlights. Aftermarket headlights for the E30 will provide you with wider beam pattern and more light output. The best part of updating your headlights is the improved safety when driving, especially at night.

Today, you can find different kinds and style of aftermarket headlights for BMW E30. High quality E30 headlights are made of high grade polyester plastic and glass. And by adding HID bulbs to your new headlights you will feel the big difference.

There are several options to choose from. Some of the well known and high quality BMW E30 headlights are:

BMW E30 Projector Headlights – These Euro Spec angel eyes style lens are available in black, chrome housing. The chrome housing comes with smoke lens. These Euro ellipsoid headlights for E30’s are available for all convertible models.

BMW E30 Smoked Lights

BMW E30 Halo Angel Eyes Headlights – This set of Euro style crystal angel eyes ellipsoid projector headlights are available for al sedan models.

BMW E30 Xenon Headlights – This set of crystal xenon HID headlights is available in black and chrome housing angel eyes. These projector headlights are good for all models.

Another great addition to your BMW E30 headlight upgrade is the Euro grills. The solid top of the Euro-spec grills form an eyebrow, which add more character to the front end of your E30.

Driving lights are very important for any car, so it is a smart move to replace those old headlights and bring life back to your BMW with these fantastic looking BMW E30 headlights. Replacing or upgrading the stock headlights of your E30 will refresh the look of your BMW and at the same time provide you with better lighting performance. A simple upgrade that have big impact to your E30.



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