Bavarian Alliance Premium Pricing: 30% Off Exterior Lighting!

Achtung! You will be excited to hear that ALL EXTERIOR LIGHTING is now eligible for premium pricing (For Bavarian Alliance members only). Whether you are looking for a set of HID’s, a hot new set of headlights with the built in angel eye rings or you are looking to get smoked lenses all around, this week is the week to do it.

To get your parts, just click on any of the images bel0w, add the items to your cart and enter your code to see the 30% savings.

We are looking forward to seeing your ride with the great new lighting upgrades on it!

To get your BMW light upgraded for a fraction of the cost of regular customers, use the following Bavarian Alliance ONLY members code:

30% Off Exterior Lighting Coupon Code: BAL300512

-Todd Staples
The Bavarian Alliance Team