Get BMW Grills 25% Off -Black, Carbon Fiber, Painted, Etc.

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The grill on a BMW is like the brand’s identification. Without that grill it’s just not a BMW.

The most popular thing to do with the grill on your BMW is to go with an aftermarket matte black grill. This gives your car more that that cool 007 look that no woman can turn down.  Our Stealth Auto matte black grilles are badass, and we aren’t just using our own opinion on this. BMW themselves started making the same type of grille we have.

Another awesome option is a carbon fiber grille. If matte black or OEM is too boring for you, carbon fiber is the way to go. Carbon fiber is like the material of the race gods. You’re only cool if you have a little carbon fiber flavor somewhere on your car. A carbon fiber grille is a great touch. It’s subtle yet satisfying.

You could always get a painted BMW grille that matches your BMW’s paint perfectly. This adds some custom flavor to your car but is still very tasteful, unlike throwing up a bedazzled looking chrome grille that looks more at home in the mouth of a wannabe rapper.

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