Bimmerfest 2012 Photos, Vendors, Girls, Cars, And More


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For those of you who couldn’t make it to the 2012 Bimmerfest this year, we’ve put together a little list of highlights. And for those of you who were present, you can scroll through this post to refresh your memory back to the most amazing Saturday full of BMW girls and amazing cars.

Bimmerfest 2012

First and foremost, let’s take a look at the girls. Here are our Stealth Auto girls (Raichelle and Kristen). You may recognize them from previous Bimmerfests and our installation videos on Youtube.


At Bimmerfest, Stealth Auto proudly announced the beginning of our elite VIP group: The Bavarian Alliance. The ///BA is a members only club that gives you premier pricing, zero restocking fees, discounted installations, exciting contests, exclusive events, the Ultimate Aftermarket Guide, and advanced modification training videos.


And of course, there wouldn’t be Bimmerfest without the amazing cars.

Here I am with an E92 M3 with a Vorsteiner body kit. It looks amazing!

This is Jon Shafer. The founder of Bimmerfest