Great Discount on Powerflex Bushings

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This one is for Powerflex Bushings. (See below for details)

Powerflex Bushings increase performance and the life of your tires. BMW stock rubber bushings are soft. Soft is close to squishy and who wants squishy-feeling suspension? Replace all of the stock bushings with Powerflex Bushings and you’ll definitely feel a difference, even on older cars. Powerflex bushings are available for most of the bushings on your BMW. And they come in purple and yellow colors. No one will see them unless you run them over, but you know they’re there and that’s another mod to add to your list.

Powerflex bushings are made from neoprene rubber that is 20 percent stiffer than the stock rubber mounts. Under engine load, the transmission can wiggle left and right slightly. This wiggle gets worse when the car is being driven in turns. This unwanted movement may cause the driver to miss-shift, a costly error which will always be considered driver error.

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