What Do BMW Chassis Codes Mean?

You often hear BMW enthusiasts referring to a BMW with the term E or F followed by a number. These are actually known as BMW chassis codes. What exactly are BMW chassis codes? These codes are chassis designation numbers used by BMW to identify different body designs. Any car the falls within a particular code designation will have the same body style as all others within the same code designation. For example, cars within the E code designation may look virtually the same, but still vary in engine and minor design cues.

BMW Chassis Type Codes

Where did these codes come from? With every new chassis made, BMW designates a code. It is basically BMW’s internal system for classifying vehicles. Take note that the chassis codes are not related to certain drive train or suspension configuration. Let’s take for example the 95’ M3, 318, and 325 are all E36 models.

BMW uses these codes for its cars. The E or F codes are associated for each generation of a series. The ‘E’ stands for the German word Entwicklung, which means development or evolution and recent chassis use the F code. There are actually thousands of BMW chassis codes associated with different projects, but not all of them become symbols of the particular BMW car.

Why do you need to know your BMW’s chassis code? Knowing your BMW’s chassis code will help you identify if a part fits your BMW. Repair shops use these codes to identify the right BMW parts that will fit to the car.

If you want to know more about BMW chassis codes, please take a look at the table below:

E3 1968–1977 New Six Sedan
E9 1969–1975 New Six Coupé (CS & CSL)
E12 1974–1981 5-series Sedan
E21 1976–1983 3-series Sedan
E23 1977–1986 7-series Sedan
E24 1976–1989 6-series Coupé
E26 1978–1981 M1 Sports Car
E28 1981–1987 5-series Sedan
E30 1984–1991 3-series Sedan, Coupé, Convertible & Touring/Sports Wagon
E31 1989–1997 8-series Coupe
E32 1986–1994 7-series Sedan
E34 1988–1995 5-series Sedan & Touring/Sports Wagon
E36 1992–1999 3-series Sedan, Coupé, Convertible & Touring/Sports Wagon
E36/5 1994–1999 3-series Compact
E36/7 1996–2002 Z3 Roadster
E36/8 1998–2002 Z3 Coupé
E38 1994–2001 7-series Sedan SWB, LWB & Protection
E39 1995–2003 5-series Sedan, Touring/Sports Wagon & Protection
E46 1998–2006 3-series Sedan, Coupé, Convertible & Touring/Sports Wagon
E46/5 2000–2003 3-series Compact
E52 2000–2003 Z8 Roadster
E53 2000–2006 X5 SAV (Sports Activity Vehicle)
E60 2004–2009 5-series Sedan & Protection
E61 2004–2009 5-series Touring/Sports Wagon
E63 2004–2010 6-series Coupé
E64 2004–2010 6-series Convertible
E65 2001–2007 7-series SWB (Short Wheel Base)
E66 2001–2007 7-series LWB (Long Wheel Base)
E67 2001–2007 7-series Protection
E68 2005–2007 7-series Hydrogen 7
E70 2007–present X5 SAV (Sports Activity Vehicle)
E71 2008–present X6 SAC (Sports Activity Coupe)
E72 2009–present X6 ActiveHybrid SAC (Sports Activity Coupe)
E81 2007–2011 1-series Hatchback (3-door)
E82 2007–present 1-series Coupé
E83 2004–2009 X3 SAV (Sports Activity Vehicle)
E84 2009–present X1 SAV (Sports Activity Vehicle)
E85 2003–2008 Z4 Roadster
E86 2006–2008 Z4 Coupé
E87 2004–2011 1-series Hatchback (5-door)
E88 2008–present 1-series Convertible
E89 2009–present Z4 Roadster
E90 2005–present 3-series Sedan
E91 2005–present 3-series Touring/Sports Wagon
E92 2006–present 3-series Coupé
E93 2007–present 3-series Convertible
F01 2008–present 7-series SWB (Short Wheel Base)
F02 2008–present 7-series LWB (Long Wheel Base)
F03 2011–present 7-series High Security LWB (Long Wheel Base)
F04 2011–present 7-series ActiveHybrid 7 LWB (Long Wheel Base)
F07 2009–present 5-series Gran Turismo (GT) PAV (Progressive Activity Vehicle)
F10 2010–present 5-series Sedan
F11 2010–present 5-series Touring/Sports Wagon
F12 2011–present 6-series Coupé
F13 2011–present 6-series Convertible
F20 2012–present 1-series Hatchback (5-door)
F25 2010–present X3 SAV (Sports Activity Vehicle)

Now no one can make a fool out of you with these BMW chassis codes.


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