You’ll Be Happy With The Way Your BMW Response With High Performance BMW Sway Bars

One way to eliminate sloppiness in your BMW suspension is to upgrade the stabilizer bars or sway bars. Like all modern cars, BMW is equipped with sway bars, and they are located in the front and rear axle. They are designed to disperse the weight of the car widely when turning and also improve the car’s handling properties. Many BMW owners upgrade their BMW sway bars because the factory sway bars are mostly hollow. Upgrading the sway bars will improve handling of your BMW with no degradation of the car’s quality.

BMW Front Sway Bar

Sway bars connect the left and right wheels of the axle together. This connection at the end of each sway bar is known as an end link. Sway bars include bushings and this is another thing that you should be concerned of when you want to enhance the sway bars of your BMW is the bushings.

Old bushings and end links will have a notable feel on the ride quality. There is momentary shimmy in the wheels and sometimes clunks as the car go to bumps during turn when the front end link loosens up. You car tends to wander a bit when the rear bushings and end link are worn out. This will make driving uncomfortable as you need to continually correct the car’s path with steering as the rear of the car wanders.

The aftermarket BMW sway bars are thicker and a great upgrade to your stock suspension for better handling. Getting high performance BMW sway bars are a great upgrade to your car regardless of if you are lowered or not. Fine tune your BMW’s handling with a new set of high performance BMW sway bars. The improved handling will give you a good feel.

Rear Sway Bar - E36, E46, E90, E92

High performance BMW sway bar sets are designed to make significant improvement underneath your car by upgrading the torsional stiffness of the sway bars and in effect boosting their ability to effectively control the forces that cause a car to lean when cornering. Replacing the stock sway bars with thicker ones will enhance the quality of your ride.

If you want to fine tune your car’s handling according to your personal preference or driving style, you may opt for the adjustable BMW sway bars. This set of sway bars will allow you to adjust to the setting that you want, a feature that you normally see on race performance sway bars.

You will be happy with the way your BMW response in the course of a spirited driving when you have your BMW sway bars upgraded, and most importantly during unexpected emergency maneuvers.


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