See The Stunning Improvement Of Upgrading Your BMW E46 Lights

Stock turn signals vs Smoked turn signals

What is amazing with light upgrade especially with your BMW is that you can automatically make the car to look as original and stunning as possible. Not that your BMW needs more modification. However, if you aim to make your car unique that will allow you to feel confident when driving, then it is just natural that you prefer having E46 lights upgrade.

So how do your BMW E46 lights look like? Well, if you are going to change your lights, you will notice that your BMW E46 may still provide you with the best light as most BMW lights offer. However, much of the color of the front lights and rear lights do not provide much life because of the intense yellow look. Amber lights are commonly found in most cars. These lights give that yellowish color and unclean shade to the car. Although amber lights are actually normal for most cars, it looks out of place when mixed with your BMW.

A great alternative to this is to replace the amber lights with clear lights. When it comes to clear lights, many BMW enthusiasts go for the popular clear lights – clear turn signals and clear tail lights. You can go clear lights or smoked when you want to make a stunning improvement to your BMW. You will notice the big difference in the before and after images here.

Your BMW E46 may have those old E46 corner lights and  E46 tail lights that look out of place with the yellow shade. Having it changed to clear or smoked tail lights will just provide the edge you need in the total transformation of your E46.

Stock tail lights vs Smoked tail lights

You can easily see the stunning improvement of removing the stock turn signals and tail lights from these before and after images of the E46 lights upgrade. Replacing those old amber lights to clear lights will help in transforming your car into a new one. Only a few people may find this transformation a bit strange since they are accustomed to seeing the old amber lights in most cars. However, most BMW enthusiasts know that switching to clear or smoked lights is more advantageous since they provide stylish look and better visibility especially during night.

The before and after E46 lights images here gives you a clear look of how your car will look like when you eliminate those ugly yellow look on your turn signals and tail lights. And for most BMW enthusiasts, they know the importance of having good quality and reliable lighting for their car not just at the front end, but also with the rear end. The upgrades that you can do with your lights are not even expensive, but it is sure to make noticeable change on how your E46 look and feel.