Is It Time To Replace Your BMW Brake Pads?

Are you driving your BMW hard? Check your brake system. Is it time to replace your BMW brakes? Maybe you only need a simple brake pad replacement. Replacing the BMW brake pads is a job most BMW owner will need to deal with at least once.

BMW Brake Warning Display

Generally, you should perform brake pad inspection every 10,000 miles. It is time to replace them when the material lining of the brake pad has become thin enough to activate the brake pad replacement sensor. Many people do not perform regular brake pad inspection, and usually rely on the little brake warning display on the dashboard. It is important to replace worn down BMW brake pads and inspect the disc when the warning display lights up.

It is not wise to ignore the brake pad warning display. Ignoring the brake replacement warning may get to the point of damaging the BMW brake discs due to metal to metal contact of the pad’s metal backing and the brake discs. The worst thing that can happen when you continue to drive your car with worn down brake pads is a brake related car accident. Of course, you do not want to reach to that point.

Driving your car with worn down brake pads will not only give you poor braking, but will also damage the spiral track cut in your brake discs. Once the disc is damaged, it is almost hard to repair them. Resurfacing may work, but it usually deepens the groove cut. This is not passable in the BMW specifications. It is best t replace the worn down BMW brake pads immediately to avoid further damage to the brake system.  If you replace the BMW brake pads immediately, you can save yourself some money.

BMW Brake Pad Replacements

Replacing the brake pads should be done in pairs, either both front pads and/or both rear pads. Basically, the brake pad replacement procedure on all the wheels is the same. The front and rear brakes may have some slight configuration differences, but generally the replacement procedure is the same. The video on top will show you that replacing BMW brake pads is really not too difficult.

Do you still think a simple brake pad replacement is something that you cannot do? If you’ve been looking for a chance to get your hands working on your own car, replacing the BMW brake pads is a great way to get that little first-time experience. Give brake pad replacement a try. Changing your BMW brake pads is one of the easiest auto parts replacement jobs you can do on your BMW. And when you do it properly, it might even infuse your interest to try your hands on more extensive auto parts repairs and replacements. How about an automatic transmission repair?


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