Get Rid Of Those Ugly Yellow Lights With BMW Clear Corners & Clear Side Markers

Clear corner lenses and side markers don't look completely clear with amber bulbs

If you’d like to give your BMW a cool European look, replacing the stock corner and side marker lights with euro style clear lights is a clean looking and easy upgrade to do. BMW clear corners and side markers will provide you that stunning clean look that you want for your car.

Driving at night or during a bad weather is risky when you have worn out corner lights and side markers. Damaged or weak corner lights will make it hard for other drivers to see your car. Turn signals and side markers are important indicators for signaling the driver’s intention of turning or changing lane. It is very important that they are clear and working properly to keep you safe on the road.

You can easily see the value of replacing the stock corner lights because they provide brighter glow on the road, and better indicator visibility during foggy conditions. Upgrading the BMW clear corners and side markers is not only for aesthetic improvement, but for keeping your vehicle safe on the road as well.

Notice the big difference of clear corners and side markers with chrome bulbs?

You can easily notice how bad amber colored corner lighting housings look, so it is no wonder why many BMW owners and enthusiasts switch to BMW clear corners and side markers.  Aftermarket BMW clear corners eliminate the boring amber corner lights. With its more updated, aggressive look and monochromatic effect, your BMW will surely stand out from the rest of the cars with stock corner lights.

Some go for the smoked colored lighting housings. They are merely clear lenses and tinted for a darker look. Many owners of dark colored or dark themed BMWs choose the smoked lenses because they look perfectly great with these BMW’s. If you have a dark themed BMW, then these BMW smoked corner lights would be an interesting addition to your car.

Replacing the stock corner lenses with clear lenses is something that you can accomplish. With some basic tools you can install the BMW clear corners and side markers in a jiffy. Check out the videos here to guide you in your BMW clear corners and BMW side markers installation.

Complete your BMW clear corners upgrade by replacing the amber bulbs with chrome bulbs to see that real clear look. Keeping the amber bulbs will give your clear corners and side markers a hint of yellow. To fully eliminate that amber look, use chrome bulbs.

Maximize the beauty and lighting effects of your BMW by changing your standard corner lights with BMW clear corners.  You’ll surely enjoy the new Eurostyle look and superb indicators of your car.


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