Get Light BMW Wheels For Your Next BMW Performance Upgrade

BMW M3 Forged wheels

One of the best features of BMW models is the set of wheels. BMW wheels are known to be very reliable and durable. However, with greater selection available out there, many BMW owners choose to upgrade their factory wheels with aftermarket BMW wheels and rims. For the most part, many BMW owners looking to upgrade their wheels and rims go for lightweight and sporty wheels to increase their car’s performance and at the same time enhance their car’s visual appeal.

BMW wheels and rims are available in various designs, weights, costs, and other wheel-related factors. One thing to keep in mind when looking for a replacement to the stock wheels, the size needs to be directly in proportion to the measurements of the car.

Two of the most common choices of aftermarket BMW wheels are the cast wheels and forged wheels. If you want to get some new factory wheels that offer a relatively lower cost, then cast wheels would best suit your needs. Cast BMW wheels are designed to have less wheel weight, and the sporty design will make your car look better while maintaining your BMW’s classic look. Some of the popular cast options for BMWs are Avant Garde Wheels, Velocity Motoring and Advan Wheels.

On the other hand, if money is not an issue, then choosing forged wheels is the way to go. Forged wheels are the best in lightweight wheels. They are the toughest and typically the most durable wheels. These wheels come in 1, 2, and 3 piece forged varieties. When looking for the best selection of lightweight forged wheels, check out some of the popular brands like DPE, HRE and Vorsteiner.

Vorsteiner Upgrades BMW M3 E92

Want to go fancy? Some BMW owners put spinners on their rims. Adding spinner to your rims will not enhance the performance of your car, but they sure add value to your car’s look. So if you have the money to purchase these spinners, they make a stunning addition to your rims.

The wheels of your BMW do not last forever so there is a point in your car’s life where it is time to do some wheel replacement or upgrade. When your wheels are no longer in performance form, an upgrade is always important. High performance wheels are always notable for their lightweight characteristic, sporty look and superb performance on and off the track.

You may also include wheel spacers in your wheel upgrade for good appearance, precise clearance, correction and handling. High quality BMW wheels and rims not only enhance the performance of your car on the road but also help to reduce road accidents. With a nice set of BMW wheels and rims, your car will not go unnoticed.


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