Looking To Upgrade Your BMW Corner Lights?

Most cars have amber corner lights. To make your BMW look unique, it would be nice to have clear corners. While some people find amber corner lights to be good, you will certainly agree that the corner lights would look much better when they are clear. Clear corners will make your BMW look stunning to on-lookers. Replacing the boring amber BMW corner lights with clear ones will add more style to your elegant car. Clear corner lights are excellent replacement to amber corners lights.

If you are looking to upgrade your amber corner lights, there are different types of clear corners to choose from. You can choose the best BMW corner lights that will perfectly match the shade of your car.

Smoked Clear Corners. If you want that smoked look and theme to your car then these smoked clear corners is what you need. They look great and eliminate the amber look from your BMW.



Dark Smoked Corners. Are you a fan of the blackout look on a black car? Then go for these dark smoked corners. These corner lights will surely complement your dark-themed styling direction and turn your car into a mean machine.


Clear Corners. This is the most popular swap. The classic clear corners will give your BMW a more updated look. The aggressive styling of the clear corner lights will bring that European feel to your BMW.


These are your cool options and your choice will depend on your styling preference. Clear corner lights are also a great addition to your projector or clear headlights. Many BMW enthusiasts switch to clear corner lights not only for aesthetic reasons but also to improve the car’s safety function, particularly on low visibility conditions.

Changing your amber BMW corner lights is an excellent way to subtly enhance the look of your BMW. Removing the old corner lights and replacing the new ones is a relatively easy process that you can do in your garage in just a few minutes. See the video above.

Nice BMW Corner Lights

When you go clear look, it is best to replace the amber bulbs with chrome bulbs to maximize the neat look of the clear corners. Chrome bulbs are perfect for the front and rear turn signals and side marker lights. If removing the amber lights is your top priority then the solution is to replace them with clear corner lights and chrome bulbs. With clear corners, you set your car apart from the rest of the cars.

Go ahead, get the right clear corner lights for your BMW and enjoy the modern look and feel of your new BMW corner lights.



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