DEPO vs OEM…That Is The Question…

BMW Headlights

BMW Headlights

So we get a lot of questions here at Stealth Auto, but a very common question is this:

“What’s the difference between OEM and DEPO headlights?”

So in case you’re wondering…here’s the scoop:

When headlights need to be replaced, many people want to go OEM since it’s what the car was equipped with from the factory. But we can tell you, it’s not always the best solution. Of course OEM headlights are better than some of the cheap headlights out there in the aftermarket world because let’s face it, many aftermarket companies are only focused on money. They crank out some cheap headlights – and they sell them too – because OEM headlights can be very expensive. But with the cheap headlights, you’ll definitely get cheap quality.

DEPO is a company focused on making quality headlights and in some cases, even better than OEM headlights. They aren’t a company looking to mass produce a bunch of plastic headlights just to sell them to the cheap customers. DEPO focuses on research and development to make the most superior product out there. They provide headlights with glass and plastic lenses just like the OEM headlights, and in some cases they make glass for cars where OEM only makes

For The Break-down…

Halogen Headlights

For halogen headlights, DEPO uses projector housings while OEM typically uses reflector type housings. Reflector housings aren’t very efficient at light dispersal and don’t perform very well. Projector housings throw light further out onto the road and the focused beams light up the road much better than the reflector housing.

HID Xenon Headlights

OEM HID Xenon headlights usually come with D2S projector low beam housings that have auto-leveling motors. These motors aim and adjust the headlights every time the car is turned on. DEPO headlights have the same leveling motors built-in, so just hook up your OEM sockets to the back of the DEPO lights and you’re ready to roll. Or shine.


The biggest difference that most people notice about DEPO and OEM headlights are the cost. A pair of DEPO headlights costs less than just one OEM headlight in most cases. So not only are you getting the same or higher quality, you’re getting it at about half the price.

Here’s an example. We’ve got a 2004 BMW E46 3 Series. OEM headlights are $1103.84 for EACH headlight. That’s $1103 for only ONE headlight!!!

A PAIR (that means you get both headlights) of DEPO headlights from Stealth Auto starts at only $384. That’s for both headlights! Not just one.

What’s In It For YOU?
So what we’re saying is, come to Stealth Auto for some DEPO headlights….get GREAT quality for GREAT prices…and we’ll also GIVE you something for FREE!!

Check out the difference in price below:

DEPO vs OEM Headlights

DEPO vs OEM Headlights

Yeah, on top of getting way more than you’re money’s worth with the DEPO headlights, we’ll GIVE you an HID kit for FREE…just for buying from us at Stealth Auto. That’s a $120 HID Kit for absolutely nothing! Give it to a friend or sell it to a BMW buddy. But you’re getting it for FREE just for ordering your DEPO headlights from us.

How to get your free HID Kit:

  1. Visit Stealth Auto today
  2. Put some DEPO headlights in your shopping cart
  3. Add a set of HID Headlights to your cart
  4. Use the discount code HID4FREE at the checkout and the HID’s will be FREE!

But hurry!! This deal won’t last forever. Buy your headlights before April 15th or you’ll miss out. After that, you’ll still get the great pricing on the headlights, but you won’t get the free HID Kit.

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