Bring Your Old BMW Back To Life With High Quality BMW Bushings

Have you just a spent a serious amount of money on your high performance shocks, springs and lowering kit, but your BMW still feels to be a bit soft in the corners? If this is the case, then you have to take a look at the rubber bushing. The soft rubber stock BMW bushings may be the cause of that mushy feel in the corners.

Polyurethane Bushes

The purpose of the bushings is very important to the suspension system. Bushings absorb the impact of shock and lessen vibration, especially in rough roads. It is important that the bushings are in good form because they link the suspension parts to the body. The problem starts when rubber bushings become less flexible from age.

Old rubber bushings in the suspension may cause damage to some parts of the suspension system if not replaced.  The positive camber becomes more noticeable when as the rubber bushings become older and stretched out of form. Positive camber allows much solid car corner, but the effect is premature tire wear. This can be solved by changing those old bushings. Old bushings create noise or squeak underneath your car and replacing those old bushings will eliminate that problem. You will need to replace those soft rubber stock bushings with high quality polyurethane BMW bushings.

Why choose polyurethane BMW bushings? These high quality BMW bushing replacements effectively absorb shock or vibration that may be felt to the BMW interior. These high quality polyurethane BMW bushings will improve your BMW’s performance and help prolong your car tire’s life.

Polyurethane bushings are made to reduce deflection in the suspension. Solid BMW bushings will give your car better handling, response and tire wear. The quality of premium polyurethane materials is much better than the stock rubber bushings. Replacing the weak links in your car’s suspension is a great solution to get rid of those soft rubber stock bushings and soften the shock and impact of rough roads and aggressive acceleration or deceleration. Increase your car’s handling performance by replacing those soft rubber stock bushings with solid polyurethane bushings.

Polyurethane Bushings For E46

You can easily find BMW bushings online. If you want the best suspension bushings for your BMW, try Powerflex BMW polyurethane bushings. Powerflex bushings are made of premium polyurethane materials to effectively reduce noise, shock and harshness. They last longer than your stock rubber bushings.

Get your BMW suspension bushings and enjoy the smooth performance of your BMW. High quality polyurethane BMW bushings will bring your BMW back to life!


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