BMW Smoked Side Markers – The Easiest Upgrade To Date

Smoked Side Markers

Today we got an email from a customer who said:

“Hey Todd,

Yep, got ‘em.  Weather finally cooperated, so I finally was able to put them on.  Truly, the easiest upgrade to date… I hadn’t realized how old and fogged up the old side lights had gotten!  THANKS, these new smoked side lights look GREAT, especially with the Jet Black!”

-Ken R.

Thanks Ken! Great photos and we really appreciate the kind words!


Wherever you go you see other cars with stock BMW lights just like yours. Want to make your car stand out from the rest of the BMWs on the streets? If you want to make your car look unique, replacing the stock BMW lights of your car will do the trick. Updating the lights of your BMW is a simple modification that makes a huge visual impact.  You can find good replacements to your corner lights, side markers, reflectors and tail lights, and these BMW replacement lights can SMOKE!!! Replacing your stock BMW lights with BMW smoked lenses will make a stunning difference.You can start that simple BMW light upgrade by replacing the stock side markers with BMW smoked side markers to make a cool change.

The yellow lenses look out of place in your elegant car. Replacing the amber lenses with smoked lenses will give your car a different look. Ditch your yellowed side markers for smoked to eliminate those ugly yellow look and clear up your BMW’s lighting. To completely eliminate that yellow look in the lens, you will need to replace the amber bulbs with stealth bulbs. Stealth bulbs are chrome-coated bulbs that look invisible when off and flashes amber when lit. With stealth bulbs in your smoked lenses, your car will have that sleek Euro BMW look. Installing smoked side markers give your car that modern and aggressive look in minutes.

Cool Smoked Side Lights

Installing smoked lenses to your BMW will instantly give your car that aggressive look. Installing the side markers should be quick and easy. They are completely plug and play so you do not need to be an expert replace your stock lenses. With simple hand tools you can complete the install. It will only take you five minutes to install the BMW smoke side markers.

To help you see the difference, look at the images of smoked side markers on the dark themed BMW. The dark BMW looks cool with smoked side markers making it more interesting and much better that the stock BMW lights. BMW smoked side markers add that clean and aggressive black out look.

This is the easiest upgrade you can do. Take some time looking at your side lights, perhaps they are already look old, faded or fogged up. Go ahead, replace those clear or ugly amber lenses for smoked.  Your BMW will look great with these BMW smoked side markers, especially with dark themed BMW’s.


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