BMW Lights & Bulbs – Upgrade To HID For More Usable Driving Lights

Color Temperature Chart

BMW HID kits are getting a lot of attention these days. HID’s shine brighter, low-powered and last longer than your stock halogens. That’s why many owners of late BMW models want to update their driving lights with high quality BMW HID kit. So what do you need to switch to HID lights?

For starters, it is good to understand the difference between HID and Halogen. HID is short for High Intensity Discharge. Unlike the regular filament bulbs, HID bulbs produce bright light by burning gas.

It is also important to understand what lumens are and why it matters when upgrading your driving lights. Lumens mean the amount or quality of usable lights. Some lights make huge glare that looks bright, but not much usable light. This is the case for blue light. You need usable light for your headlights; otherwise you will have poor visibility of the road.  White headlights provide better lighting output than blue light. Remember this when picking the color of your headlights.

The term used in HID color is Kelvin (K). However, it does not really pertain to color but the temperature in which xenon gas burns. Different temperatures produce different color. See the HID color chart.

Any HID bulb will provide more lumens that your stock halogen bulbs. Just keep in mind that the higher the color temperature the less the lumens. If you are looking for more usable light, then go for the 5K color temperature because they will give you more usable light than the 12k HID bulbs.

HID Headlights & Fog Lights

If you still have doubts about installing HID bulbs to your BMW, consider the benefits of switching to HID lights.

  • Switching to HID lights will increase visibility.
  • HID lights last longer so that means less bulb change.
  • HID is available in different color options.
  • HID is brighter.
  • The cost of HID lights is almost the same as colored halogen. Take note that you can go brighter with HID lights at a price close to colored halogens.
  • HID is an easy DIY lighting upgrade for your BMW.

Convinced? So where do you start your upgrade to HID. Well, you have to figure out the type of bulb you are replacing. This will help you find the type of HID bulb that will fit to your BMW.

HID lights will give your car that upscale look that can get a lot of attention. With this easy BMW light upgrade, you can add style and improve the safety of your car. Order your BMW HID Kit now!


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