BMW Angel Eyes Upgrade Kit – Clear The Confusion About BMW Angel Eyes

Are you thinking of installing Angel Eyes on your BMW? BMW Angel Eyes upgrades and headlight conversions are popular BMW modifications. Installing Angel Eyes headlights to your BMW will surely make a big difference not only to your driving lights but also to your car’s visual appeal.

Many BMW owners are confused about Angel Eyes. To find angel eyes for your BMW, it is better that you know the different types of Angel Eyes. There are actually three types of light for Angel Eyes and each light provide different colors and quality of light. If you are looking to upgrade your headlights with Angel Eyes, it best to know the different types of Angel Eyes before you make a purchase.

CCFL Angel Eyes

Halogen Angel Eyes. Some BMW’s come with factory Angel Eyes. The light of stock BMW Angel Eyes are a bit dull and yellowish.

CCFL Angel Eyes. This type of Angel Eyes is brighter than the stock ones. These headlights give off bright white light but delicate on the eyes. The power of the ccfl ballasts come from the original sidelight connectors. The light is barely noticeable in day time, but they shine once daylight starts to fade.

These type of Angel Eye upgrade kit is easy to install and relatively cheaper headlight upgrade. Remember that you car should have projector headlights if you want CCFL Angel Eyes for your BMW.

LED Angel Eyes. This type of light has 60-LED rings. They are indestructible and give off the brightest white light. These new LED Angel Eye headlights look much better than the dull yellowish look f the halogen rings.

Stock Angel Eyes vs LED Angel Eyes

This powerful light source is a favorite of many BMW enthusiasts and owners looking to upgrade their headlights because they are perfect for xenon headlights. In the past, BMW owners had to put up with the dull yellow looking angel eyes around their xenon white headlights. With new LED BMW Angel Eyes, BMW owners can have rings that complement the xenon lights.

So which upgrade kit is the best for your BMW? Some drivers go for the less bright light while others prefer the much brighter light so it all depends on the amount of light you want.

It is important that you educate yourself about BMW Angel Eyes to make sure that you get the best driving lights for your BMW. Upgrading your headlights is an easy way of making your BMW look modern, stylish and more dynamic than the old headlights.

So which Angel Eyes would you get for your BMW?


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