Add Stealth Bulbs In Your Clear Lens Upgrade

Upgrading your BMW’s light using clear lenses is one simple modification you can do to your BMW. The clear lens is no doubt the best upgrade to the stock corner lenses. But if you have installed clear lenses already and still feel your BMW still lacking that Euro car look, you must have missed something in your clear lens upgrade. The clear lenses look terrific when they do not show intense orange or amber tint. The best way to make clear lenses look perfectly colorless is to replace the amber bulbs with the best concealed bulbs on the market today… the Stealth bulbs.

Comparison Chrome Bulb

Features and Benefits of Stealth Bulbs

When you want to add clear lenses to your car, the best way to make it look completely clear is by using Stealth bulbs. These chrome bulbs are the best and the brightest concealed bulbs out there. Replacing those orange or amber bulbs in your clear lenses will give your car a neat look and enhance the entire image of your car. Adding chrome bulbs to your ride will make a lot of head turn.

These chrome-coated bulbs display mirror effect that they look invisible when off in clear lenses. These bulbs are perfectly clear when off, but light up amber when activated. Stealth bulbs blend in with the clear lenses when off and eliminate the ugly orange reflection.

Stealth bulbs are heat resistant and designed to last for a long time without discoloring. They are guaranteed for life. These bulbs are completely street legal and recognized by DOT. No matter what vehicle you drive, these high quality chrome bulbs will fit.

Installing these bulbs is quick and easy. No professional skills required and all you need is some basic tools from your tool box to install these bulbs.


Stealth Bulbs

Stealth bulbs are high grade concealed bulbs. You can find cheap imitations on the market but their quality is far behind the quality of genuine chrome bulbs. Do not settle for cheap imitations, go for the real thing.

So, if you are going for that clear look, add Stealth bulbs in your BMW clear lens upgrade to create that solid clear look. Once you have Stealth bulbs in your clear lenses you will love the way your car looks without those orange or amber tint. Do not forget to add Stealth bulbs to your clear lens upgrade. With chrome bulbs, you will surely enjoy those perfectly neat clear lenses.


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