Get Rid Of Those Ugly Yellow Lights With BMW Clear Corners & Clear Side Markers


If you’d like to give your BMW a cool European look, replacing the stock corner and side marker lights with euro style clear lights is a clean looking and easy upgrade to do. BMW clear corners and side markers will provide you that stunning clean look that you want for your car. Driving at night or during [...]

Searching The Web For BMW Z Series Upgrades?

BMW Z Series Performance Level Upgrades

The BMW Z Series displays an excellent combination of performance and style. Many BMW enthusiasts are thrilled with the versatile inventive features of the BMW Z series models, and with additional accessories and performance upgrade to this car it can be a real show stopper. If you are looking for some serious modifications to BMW Z [...]

BMW LED Turn Signal Upgrade – See Awesome Improvement With LED Corner Lights!


  Your BMW looks outdated with those stock abler turn signal lenses. If you are looking for a simple modification that will give your BMW a modern look, one way is upgrading your turn signal lenses. Replace those stock amber turn signal lenses of your BMW with these amazing BMW LED turn signal lenses. Bring [...]

Your BMW Will Look Far More Dynamic With New BMW Angel Eye Rings

LED Angel Eye Rings

Angel Eyes became a distinguishing lighting style to modern BMW vehicles. Angel Eyes look very nice on BMWs, and that’s why it is one of the favorite BMW modifications. New BMW Angel Eye Rings are great addition to BMWs that are not equipped with Angel Eye headlights. Halogen Angel Eyes Some BMWs are not equipped with Angel [...]

Bring Your Old BMW Back To Life With High Quality BMW Bushings

Polyurethane Bushes

Have you just a spent a serious amount of money on your high performance shocks, springs and lowering kit, but your BMW still feels to be a bit soft in the corners? If this is the case, then you have to take a look at the rubber bushing. The soft rubber stock BMW bushings may [...]

Shopping For BMW Modifications?

Modified BMW

BMWs are one of the top of the line luxury cars in the world. Despite its excellent engineering, you can find many BMW modifications for your 1-Series, 3-Series, 5-Series, M3 and M5. If you are looking for modification options to further enhance the look and performance of your BMW, here are some of the popular [...]

BMW Interior Lights Upgrade – Add A Subtle But Distinctive Mood To Your BMW Interior

LED Bulb Upgrade

Want to change the yellowish tone in your factor BMW interior lights? Improve your BMW’s interior with LED interior upgrade. Upgrading the interior lights of your BMW will set a fun and interesting interior mood and at the same time give your car a custom touch. There are three options for LED interior upgrade: standard, [...]

HID Xenon Kit – Step Into The Newest Lighting Technology Today

BMW HID Headlight

A lot of Bimmers nowadays are equipped with HID lights. Many BMW owners are switching to HID lights because of its superb lighting performance for all driving circumstances. Installing HID Xenon kit to your BMW will modernize the look of your car, especially if you have a late model. Whatever model of BMW you drive, [...]

You’ll Be Happy With The Way Your BMW Response With High Performance BMW Sway Bars

BMW Front Sway Bar

One way to eliminate sloppiness in your BMW suspension is to upgrade the stabilizer bars or sway bars. Like all modern cars, BMW is equipped with sway bars, and they are located in the front and rear axle. They are designed to disperse the weight of the car widely when turning and also improve the [...]

Looking To Upgrade Your BMW Corner Lights?

Clear Corner Lights

Most cars have amber corner lights. To make your BMW look unique, it would be nice to have clear corners. While some people find amber corner lights to be good, you will certainly agree that the corner lights would look much better when they are clear. Clear corners will make your BMW look stunning to [...]