Upgrading Your E36 BMW Lights

E36 BMW Lights

Are you in love with your E36? Upgrading your E36 BMW lights is a nice reward you can give to your car. Replacing those old faded lights of your E36 with newer and brighter lights can give your car a whole new look.

For many E36 enthusiasts, upgrading the lights is one of the popular E36 modifications that can make a huge difference. There are newer and brighter BMW E36 lights for your car. New E36 BMW lights are your perfect solution to light up your E36 with modern look and superior driving lights.

Adding HID lights or Angel Eyes to your E36 creates a unique look. Besides the unique beauty that it brings to your car, these lights are great when driving at night making nighttime driving much safer. These lights perform better than the stock driving lights. Upgrading your E36 BMW lights will provide better visibility and wider coverage of the road. With improved headlights, it would be easier for any drivers to see obstacles on the road and avoid getting into an accident.

If you want to eliminate that intense orange look in your driving lights, you can further upgrade your E36 BMW lights with clear Euro style lights. Give your car that Euro look with clear parking lights and clear tail lights. New Euro style lights are designed not only to enhance the look of your BMW but also to provide better and brighter driving lights. Clear blinkers, clear side markers, and clear tail lights are getting a lot of attention when it comes to Euro style lights.  Two of the most popular types are the clear and smoked lenses.

E36 Clear Tail Lights

Clear corners look stunning when they have no orange tint. Replacing the amber bulbs with chrome bulbs eliminates the orange tint on lenses and that will maximize the beauty of clear lenses.

Installing new lights to your E36 should be a problem. These lights direct replacement for the stock lenses of your E36. These new lights are simple do it yourself upgrades and with simple tools the E36 BMW lights upgrade can be completed in a short time.

Upgrading the E36 BMW lights is an easy upgrade project that can greatly change the look of your E36 and set it apart from vehicles with standard lights. Having your E36 installed with modern and brighter lights not only make your car a safer ride but also make it visually appealing despite its age. Enhance the lights of your E36 and the wow your friends when they see your car’s new look.


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