Tired Of That Chrome Look In Your E46? Replace Them With Black Line Grill and Grill Combo for BMW E46 M3

The kidney grills are original BMW design. The iconic look of the front kidney grills makes BMWs a real stand out. The original BMW grills on your E46 look good, but more and more E46 enthusiasts are upgrading their E46 grills because of the great designs available on the market today. If you are looking for a new set of BMW grills to restore or enhance the elegant look of your E46, why not give the Grill and Grill Combo for BMW E46 M3 a try?

Grill & Grill Combo for BMW E46

Are you looking for a nice replacement for the chrome grills? There are several types of finishes of grills to choose from. If you want to give the front of your car a stealthier look, the Grill and Grill Combo for BMW E46 M3 is going to be a good replacement for the chrome grills and side grills. The beautiful black finish of these grills will give your car darker and more aggressive look. You get that lack line grills

Getting the set of black finished kidney grills and side grills is going to be a cool upgrade for your E46. Besides the renewed beauty this Grill and Grill Combo for BMW E46 M3 brings to your car, it adds extra protection for the important parts of your car engine.

This Grill and Grill Combo for BMW E46 M3 is a direct grill replacement so installing the grills should be easy. The grill inserts are ready to install and fit perfectly in your E46 and look much better than traditional grills. Simply remove the existing grills and replace them with new ones. Replacing the grills of your E46 can be completed in just minutes. Take a look at the video on top to see the difference of these grills compared to others.

Black line grills looks great on light colored BMWs

These grills are made of high grade impact resistant ABS plastic. Unlike other black line grills that have shiny finish and look cheap, the Grill and Grill Combo for BMW E46 M3 displays high quality look. Best of all, you get super savings for both center grills and side grills.

If you want to eliminate that dated look chrome grills bring to your elegant car then replacing them with black line grills will update the look of your BMW. When you want to give your car a low cost upgrade that can make a noticeable difference then the Grill and Grill Combo for BMW E46 M3 would surely give you the change you want for your BMW.


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