Stealth Grills For BMW E46

Stealth Grills for BMW E46-3-Series 4dr Prefacelifted Sedan- Matte Black

One way to identify a car even from afar is just by its grills. And BMW has already created its own mark when it comes to their kidney grills since they have been in existence for eighty years now. These two grills are perfectly positioned between the BMW headlights and can easily be installed to modify the exterior look of your E46. These kidney grills have been made into every different model of BMW, which suits any particular body type of the car. They are available for the BMW 3,5, and 7 series. For those who are driving a BMW E46 3 series, the stealth grills for BMW E46 3-series is a great addition.

So why change your chrome grills to stealth grills? A lot of BMW owners choose to get rid of their chrome since this new stealth grills are made of carbon fiber and can be found in matte black. The grills look trendier and more to most BMW owners preference. And together with the right bumper and hood, the front of your car instantly becomes a car of beauty.

The installation of your stealth grills for BMW E46 3-series is also not that difficult. All you need to do is take out your existing grills, clean the area where you will install the grills and put the new ones.

BMW E46 Stealth Grills

However, when purchasing stealth grills, it is also important to find quality ones. There are a lot of imitations going around these days and some would provide their clients with cheap shiny black grills that may not be satisfying in the long run. It is important to find grills that are impact resistant and will last your BMW for a long, long time. Search for stealth grills for BMW E46 that are OEM fitment for easy installation, custom matte black finish, fits your BMW E46 3-series, and should be made of high quality ABS plastic polymer.

It is not actually expensive to replace your old grills. Instead of spray painting your old OEM chrome grills, which does not usually stick on chrome and would easily chipped off while driving. Replacing them with stealth grills for BMW E46  will just make your job easier. DIY spray painting will just cost you more trouble since they will just pill off, which you would eventually paint all over again. Finding high quality stealth grills for BMW E46 will give the front of your car an impressive appearance that also looks expensive. This is nice upgrade that you can get at a price you can afford.


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