Solve HID Issues With HID Anti Flicker Capacitor – Error Code Canceller

What is the use of the HID anti flicker capacitor? Generally, they are use for late models of BMW, Mercedes and other brand models that need lights to stop flickering or for those cars with bulb out issues. These HID anti flicker capacitors or error code canceller are mostly installed when your car is experiencing problems with your aftermarket HID kits and you just want to solve such problems without installing halogen bulbs again.

HID Anti Flicker Capacitors - Error Code Canceller

The cause of this flickering issue is not actually because of the HID kits, but this is caused by your car, which does not support aftermarket HID headlights. These HID anti flicker capacitors will also help your car in getting rid of that bulb out warning or bulb failure in BMW, Mercedes, Honda, and other cars.

Cars that are experiencing problems with aftermarket HID kits may experience the common flickering problems or that strobe effect, which can also be irritating for you and your car. This happens when the computer of the vehicle notices the change of bulb and is now using an aftermarket product. The computer will then send a pulse to the light to fix the problem thus creating the flickering issue.

Another cause of this flickering problem is with the low beam lights with DRL function. This happens when you install HID’s replacing its original halogen bulb. Low beam lights mostly create a dimmer light. Replacing them with HID may also create the flicker issue. However, with the use of this anti flicker capacitor, the DRL current will stop flickering since it will even out the problem.

HID Lights

The bulb out issue would mostly let you believe that your bulbs have already burned out even though you just replaced them. This is somehow irritating for car owners because the “Bulb Out” indicator will turn on, although it will not affect the lights function, but it is somehow disappointing. The reason for this is because of your old halogen headlights and your car. Your car is used to having the normal halogen headlights that run in a much higher wattage than of a HID kit. All HID kits run on a much lower wattage, and your car’s HID issues can be solved by installing HID anti flicker capacitors.

Installing HID to your car will make your car think that the headlights have died out. With the use of HID anti flicker capacitor - error code canceller will allow the car to believe that the halogen bulbs are still installed thus turning off the bulb out indicator.


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