BMW E36 LED Angel Eye Upgrade – Replace Your E36 Stock Projector Headlights With Indestructible LED Angel Eyes

BMW E36 LED Angel Eye Upgrade

Among all the parts that can be upgraded in your BMW E36, you will firstly consider changing your headlights before even considering the other parts of your car. Having your BMW E36 angel eye upgrade is not also expensive and this can be advantageous as it provides road safety with a touch of pure elegance. And the importance of having a great headlight is an irreplaceable part of the car. Whether you are searching to upgrade your existing headlights or just want to change your burned out ones, having BMW E36 LED angel eye upgrade is the one for you.

Angel eyes were introduced in 2001 with the headlight and tail ling made for the BMW 5 Series. During those days, the concept of the Corona Rings was popular since these were powered by fiber optics pointing through a halogen bulb. But, if you are going to compare angel eyes to today’s standard, those previous rings were very dim.

Over the years, BMW was able to perfect the CCFL or the cold cathode fluorescent lighting and fiber optic that are now being offered in different names and brands such as Demon Eyes, Phosphyre Halos, and the like.

Upgraded Stock Projector Headlight

If you are going to have your BMW E36 LED angel eye upgrade you will have benefits such as an expected bright output with a white halo look, offered at an affordable price, and an easy installation that you can easily do yourself. LED angel eyes have been proven as an effective and trusted headlight over the years and can be used in most headlights and aftermarket BMW projector headlights. If you are uncertain though if the LED angel eye is acceptable in your city, better check first your city’s road regulations concerning the use of lighting systems. However, LED angel eyes are widely acceptable in most states.

BMW E36 LED angel eye upgrade can be found in different kits. There are kits with just the CCFL angel eyes or LED angel eyes without factory angel eyes, and LED angel eye upgrades with factory angel eyes. Of course, it would be to your advantage to replace your halogen bulbs with a xenon white, blue, or red LED.

There is a lot of aftermarket BMW E36 LED angel eye upgrade that you can explore on the Internet if you are in the process of finding new headlights. Better make sure that you will get your products from a reputable company and that their company provides reliable BMW E36 LED angel eye upgrade.


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