Project E36: Upgrading the Standard E36 Headlights

OEM Ellipsoid Headlights

The BMW E36 3 Series remains to be a favorite for many driving enthusiasts and owners to this day. Upgrading the BMW E36 headlights is a popular upgrade option for many E36 enthusiasts because the new headlights make a noticeable improvement to the car. If you are thinking of upgrading your E36 headlights, consider replacing the OEM halogen headlights with DEPO Angel Eye Headlights. The BMW E36 3 Series Black Housing Angel Eye Projector Headlights are upgrades that can turn an ordinary E36 into a thing of beauty.

Upgrading the headlights of your E36 can make it look much better. Our guy in Australia sent some before and after photos of his E36 headlights and we thought of showing the photos here to give you idea how cool these headlights are when installed to E36’s.

As you can see the OEM E36 headlights make the front of the car look dull and old. They have yellow plastic lenses, poor light beam distribution, low light output. They also tend to have compatibility issues with other lighting upgrades like HID kits and Angel Eyes.

DEPO Angel Eyes Headlights

Notice the big difference when the standard E36 headlights are replaced with BMW E36 Angel Eye Projector Headlights. The new headlights give the car a clean and modern look. If you are looking for style and better lighting performance, install BMW E36 3 Series Black Housing Angel Eye Projector Headlights to your E36.

These high quality projector headlights instantly change the look of the car and make driving more convenient, especially when driving at night. The E36 Angel Eye Projector Headlights provide better illumination than the standard halogen headlights. These headlights feature cool Angel Eye ring around the projector lens. The lighting quality of BMW E36 3 Series Black Housing Angel Eye Projector Headlights is excellent and the wider light beam distribution gives drivers the advantage when driving at night.  With efficient light coming from the headlight, you get wider, longer light coverage.

The E36 Angel Eye Headlight is a direct replacement to factory light units. These headlights are easy plug and play replacement so installing them should be quick and easy. Just remove the old headlights, install the new ones without having to do any modifications.

If you want your E36 headlights to look like the ones in newer BMWs, upgrade your factory E36 headlights to a newer BMW E36 3 Series Black Housing Angel Eye Projector Headlights. The BMW E36 Angel Eye Projector Headlights is an excellent replacement to OEM E36 headlights.


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