Looking For Suggestions On Your Next BMW E46 Upgrades?

Though the BMW E46 series is still considered as one of the best cars manufactured by the company, there are several upgrade options available to make it look much better than it is. If you’re  looking to further enhance your car for show use, track racing or just for  visual and performance improvement, there is plenty of aftermarket products for BMW E46 upgrades.

Modified BMW E46

You can start with the interior. You can find BMW E46 upgrades for the interior to enhance it into a more comfortable driving mood that can best suit your sense of style. There are many interior parts and accessories that will surely add beauty and style. You can enhance your interior of your car with carbon fiber brake handles, brush aluminum shift knobs, carbon fiber interior trim, to name just some.

If you want to have a cool interior mood, you can replace the stock interior bulbs with brighter and cooler LED type or a xenon bulb. These cool-toned lights will make the interior mood fun and interesting. Modifying the interior will make your car look different from the rest and will even make you enjoy looking at it every time you go inside the car.

BMW E46 Interior Upgrade

When it comes to your BMW wheels, you can upgrade them by having a new set of stylish wheels. This is one of the BMW E46 upgrades that will definitely make a noticeable improvement in the performance and look of your elegant car. There are various finishes, sizes and styles to choose from so there is definitely a set of new wheels that will fit the style you want for your car. Of course, you don’t want to have just plain looking wheels, you want to be different from the rest and you would definitely want to have a unique style of your own.

For the brakes, you can improve them by installing a better break system. There are these big brake kits that provide added beauty to the wheels and impressive break system. Most of these are designed to fit your factory wheels and make them look better on your E46.

These are just some of the things you can do with your E46 to improve the performance and style. These BMW E46 upgrades will make your car stand out from the rest of the cars. Upgrading your BMW E46 will just create a more original you and an even unique car that only you drive.


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