How Do You Widen A Car Without Spending A Lot?

Clear Lenses with Stealth Bulbs

For many car enthusiasts looking to give their car a wider stance, the solution is adding wide body kits. Wide body kits are simply body parts that can make the car body looks wide. Most wide body kits are made for car shows or track racing use. Now wide body kits are available for street use and is a great addition if you want to widen the stance of your car. But what if you want your car to have wider stance, but have limited budget for this upgrade? There is a simple alternative to wide body kits if you are not ready to purchase it. Get Stealth Bulbs!

There is a simple modification that you can do to make your can look wider. Best of all, you can do this without spending a lot of money. You can achieve that wider stance without having to spend more than $30. No kidding! You can widen the stance of your car and make it look great without spending more than $30.

Does it sound unbelievable? You may be aware of the fact that exterior styling accessories like wide body kits costs so much more than $30, but just a simple modification can instantly widen the look of your car.

Do you have clear lenses with yellow turn signal bulbs? Eliminating the intense yellow look on your clear lenses will do the trick. Your car will look wider when you remove the yellow bulbs. Totally clear lenses are easy on eyes and make an instant car widener.

Yellow bulbs vs Stealth bulbs

Perceptual psychologists say that the mind instantly think a 10 inch line would look not as long as it really is when you put two colored dots about an inch from each end. And when you compare it to a 10 inch line without colored dots, you will see that the line without colored dots looks longer, cleaner and better.

This is also true when you look at a car with yellow signal lights. The intense yellow look make the car look narrower than it really is. To make it look wider, all you need to do is to replace the yellow bulbs with Stealth Bulbs.

Stealth bulbs are instant car widener. These bulbs will create totally clear lenses. These bulbs are chrome coated and look invisible in clear corners when off and flash bright amber light when turned on. Stealth bulbs look cool and street legal.

So if you want to give your car a wider stance without spending a lot, you can simply replace those yellow bulbs in your clear lenses and it will instantly give your car a wider look. A noticeable upgrade under $30 makes Stealth Bulbs a worthy addition to your BMW.


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