Have Boring STOCK BMW E90 Headlights? Replace Them With BMW E90 M3 Light LED Angel Eye Headlights

Blue Angel Eye LED for E90

Are you looking to upgrade your BMW E90/91 headlights? Are you looking for solution to replace the dim yellow factory angel eyes to xenon white? Replace that dull yellow look of your angel eyes with BMW E90 LED Angel Eyes Halo Kit. Upgrade your stock halogen type bulb with the newest generation LED technology. Installing BMW E90 M3 Light LED Angel Eye headlights is the solution to change the color of your front lights.

The rings of your BMW E90/91 headlights are not replaceable so the best way to change that dim yellow look in your headlights is to replace the original light source with BMW E90 M3 Light LED Angel Eye headlights. This high-powered LED Angel Eye Upgrade Kit produce better lighting performance and color. With the latest LED technology, your car will not only have the best optical output but also make noticeable improvement in your BMW’s visual appeal.

BMW E90 M3 Light LED Angel Eye headlights are direct replacement to your factory angel eye. Installing these headlights should be easy as they come with plug and play connectors. No need for cutting and slicing, simply remove the old ones and install the new ones. No special tool is needed as you only need to use basic tools from your toolbox, and you can accomplish the installation of the headlights. In addition, these headlights are equipped with protective thermal control to prevent overheating. There are also many how-to-install videos on the web to guide you in your headlight installation.

E90/91 LED Angel Eye Upgrade Kit

These brand new super bright white BMW E90 M3 Light LED Angel Eye headlights are designed to fit the E90/91 BMW cars equipped with factory angel eye halos. These headlights are error free so you will not have display on-board computer or dash error, radio interference or any blinking or flashing issues.

These headlights are durable with ultra long life of 100,000 hours and feed on low energy. If you want to have these headlights in unique color, the LED Angel Eye Upgrade Kit is available in blue and red tone. This is definitely a cool E90 headlight upgrade that will change the look of your BMW and separate your car from other BMWs with boring stock angel eye headlights.

Upgrading your stock E90 headlights with BMW E90 M3 Light LED Angel Eye headlights will add more power to your driving lights. This means brighter and better illumination! Make your headlights whiter and brighter with BMW E90 M3 Light LED Angel Eye headlights.