Get Ready For The Bimmerfest 2012!

Are you a BWM enthusiast looking for car events to go to? Get ready for the 13th annual Bimmerfest! In a couple of months, the fun Bimmerfest event is returning at the historic Rose Bowl. Last year was incredible and this year’s BMW event looks to be even bigger. Many excited BMW enthusiasts will be coming from all over the country to participate in the show. This would be a great time to showcase the unique beauty of your BMW.

Ready for the huge BMW event?

It may be a little early, but if you are planning to take part in this amazing BMW event, better get your BMW ready now. So what does it take to get your BMW ready for the show? It is time to work some BMW modifications before the big BMW event. You still have plenty of time to do some upgrades or improvements to your car.

There are several ways to modify your BMW. You can find various BMW parts and accessories that can be a great addition to your car. You may want to consider adding BMW body kits to your car and make a whole new look.

There are other BMW parts that can make a difference to your car. You have upgrade options to your grills, wheels, headlights, tail lights, exhaust, HID bulbs, carbon fiber parts and more. Each of these BWM parts and accessories has its own way of enhancing the performance and making it look real good. No matter what BMW model you drive there are a number of BMW parts and accessories readily available to give your car that significant change you want to have that show car look.

Bimmerfest 2011 California

Show your style and personal taste by modifying the best features of your BMW. You can put together a combination of BMW parts that will greatly enhance the performance and look of your car. While some consider exterior upgrades, others go for the interior modifications. But you can do both if money is not an issue.

Your car is a BMW and it is as ready as it will ever be. However, adding some of the popular BMW upgrades to your car is good way to get your BMW ready for big BMW events. Modify your BMW and take its performance and look to a whole new level and display the beauty of your car this year’s Bimmerfest.

Mark May 19, 2012 on your calendar and start getting your BMW ready for the big BMW festival in Pasadena Rose Bowl. Bring your very own improved BMW and join in the fun and excitement of showcasing your car. Don’t miss this year’s Bimmerfest. It’s going to be a great time!


Here are some of the popular Mods to get your car ready for Bimmerfest:


BMW Headlights


BMW Tail Lights


BMW Wheels


BMW Carbon Fiber Hoods & Trunks


BMW Grills



 for more mods ideas to start your Bimmerfest project!