Fun And Interesting BMW Hidden On Board Computer Tricks

M5 Hidden Menu

One of the fascinating instruments of many BMW cars is the On Board Computer (OBC). It is interesting to know that the Germans were having this displayed information on the dashboard back in the early 90’s. All BMW 3 Series going up to the 7 Series are equipped with an On Board Computer that provides key information to the driver. The early On Board Computer, now they call it the iDrive control system, can provide the driver important status messages such as fuel consumption and speed, estimated time of arrival, temperature and more. The control system has hidden features and it would be interesting to know the BMW hidden On Board Computer tricks to access those secret functions.

The On Board Computer or iDrive is really a cool instrument to use. Are you familiar with all functions and adjustments that you can do in your On Board Computer? You will need to explore this useful instrument because there are many interesting functions and information hidden in the On Board Computer, and they can be accessed if you know the right procedure. Here are some interesting BMW hidden On Board Computer tricks that you may want to know:

  • Want to make fun with your friend’s M5? Just for laughs, you can change the On Board Computer language to French or German. However, this can be useful if your car come from a non-English speaking country.
  • The OBC features the display test, which turns on all the LCD and LED lights. This feature would be useful when you want to make sure all the lights are working.
  • BMWs with early On Board Computer will show your speed in digital display. Current BMWs with iDrive has secret navigational features that can be accessed. In fact, the driver can use the actual GPS-derived speed of the car to check the accuracy of your speedometer.

Early BMW On Board Computer

  • The On Board Computer can display the current amount of fuel in the tank. This is useful when you want to check how many liters of fuel left in the tank.
  • Want to know the age of the car? You can also find information like the car’s country of origin and even the VIN, in case it is no longer visible.
  • For current BMWs with iDrive control system, there is a feature that can reset the service item warnings. Resetting the service item warnings through the iDrive control system will save you some money as you do not have to bring your car to a dealer for the reset.

Whether your car is equipped with OBC or iDrive control system, you can access the features and functions in different ways. You can search the internet for specific procedures, BMW On Board Computer tricks and other tips to hidden features of your control system. You will get the information you need to learn and access the hidden features of your On Board Computer. It’s really fun and interesting to see your BMW checking itself.