Do Your Really Need Stealth Bulbs On Your Corners?

We have clearly seen the great effects of lights on and in the car. Such automobile bulbs have different bright lights offered for the headlight, tail light fog light and even the interior light of your car. For those who are changing their corner lights the challenge is to how to make those corner lenses stand out without showing the amber lights. If you are going to have your corners lenses changed, whether it is clear or smoked lenses, you will also have to put the amber light installed. These amber lights ruin the appearance of the clear lens. Stealth bulbs are the solution to change that look for front corners, tail lights, or side corners.

Stealth Chrome Bulbs

These stealth bulbs are chrome all around the bulb. These chrome bulbs may also be called as mirror bulbs, clear bulbs, clear tail lights, and so on. With the use of such stealth bulbs, the appearance of the clear lens will entirely become invisible since you will not be able to see through it. If you are going to take out the ugly yellow bulb in the corner lenses and replace them with stealth bulbs, your car will have a totally different feel and appearance to the car. She will have that appealing sleek look.

You do not have to use the ordinary amber light installed since the stealth bulb are the ones that you will be using. Your corners need stealth bulbs because they will get rid of that ugly look most common with amber lights. All you will have is just a pure clear reflection for your corner lenses.

Stealth Bulbs vs Amber Bulbs

Some may doubt that using stealth bulbs are not legal because this would lead to not literally see the amber color most are used in seeing. The amber color is completely invisible when the lights are off, but once it is lit, most would see the amber color making it legal in every state. They are just as good as the normal amber bulbs, but your car will not have that amber reflection that some may find distracting and may even ruin the appearance of your great looking car.

Changing the bulbs in your corner lights are also one of the best modifications that you can do for your car since it is also easy to do. Don’t forget to get a set of stealth bulbs when installing clear lenses to get rid of that amber look in your car.


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