Cool All Black Look With BMW Smoke Lenses

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Are you thinking of swapping your BMW lights? It is certainly a good way to make your BMW look new. One of the popular BMW upgrades that can make your car look a real stunner to anyone who sees it is the BMW clear lights. There are two types of clear lenses that many BMW upgrade buffs consider when they want to do their lenses, and these are the BMW clear lenses and the BMW smoke lenses.

BMW Smoked Lenses

Both clear lenses are going to be a great addition to your car. Having clear lenses installed to your BMW will give it a nice Euro style look. However, your choice will depend on the color of your car. If you like that black-out theme on your car then adding BMW smoke lenses will give your car a nice, aggressive look. You may go with the clear lenses for your black car and have that significant contrasting look. But for many owners of black-themed BMWs, the smoke lenses is a great compliment to cars with darker color, dark tint and black window trim.

Going all black with the BMW smoke lenses include the corners, side markers and tail lights. To give you idea how cool these smoke lenses are with black BMWs, check out the video on top. Upgrading to BMW smoked lenses is a good way to update the image of your old car.

BMW Smoked Sidemarkers

Installing BMW smoke lenses should be easy because they use the same mounting positions as your stock lenses. The install will not take a lot of time and does not require a lot of mechanical of technical skills. Remember that you need these clear lenses to have amber light. You will need to replace the old bulbs with stealth bulbs that look silver and invisible when off but bright amber when lit. These bulbs are the perfect complement to your clear lenses.

So if you are looking for the best way to stand out on the road or in traffic, then you should consider swapping out some parts of your car with new BMW styling for lights. The smoke lenses will surely make your car a real head turner. Installing BMW smoke lenses is going to be a good addition and a great mod for your BMW, especially if you are getting ready for a big BMW event coming this year. Add the BMW smoke lenses to your custom projects now.

Go ahead swap out the old ones with a nice set of BMW smoke lenses!

Use this code to get $10 off your next order!


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