BMW Paint Codes – Why Would You Look For The Paint Code?

BMW Paint Code

Like all other car manufacturers, BMW cars also have paint codes. BMW paint codes provide the information of the bodywork color and they are usually hidden somewhere on the car . It helps you identify the exact body color without any discrepancies.

Want to add new body parts or kits to your car that will exactly match the color of your BMW? You do not want your BMW to look like a rainbow. Color matching is important and this is where BMW paint codes would be useful. Finding the paint code of your BMW will allow you to add body parts or kits that will exactly match the body color of your car. When you need any part of the car sprayed up to match the body color, the paint that will best match the car is the one with the same paint code.

Some automotive shops will prepare you a can of spray for the parts of the car that you want to go with the body color if you provide them the paint code of your BMW. Once they got the paint code of your car, they can start preparing the paint you need. This preparation is usually provided in aerosol containers, touch up pens or tubs for the spray gun. When you go to the paint mixer, make sure that you provide the right color code and color name listed on the BMW paint codes list.

BMW Car Diagram

Where to find BMW paint codes?

The usual place where you can find the paint code is under the hood in the engine bay. Pop the hood and look for a set of numbers on the strut tower. The code is usually 3 or 4 digit numbers, but can also be a combination of letters and numbers. BMW paint codes can also be found in other locations like near the radiator support or headlight, under the locking mechanism on the driver’s side door and in the trunk. Searching the paint code of your BMW may need patience in your part.

You can Google the complete BMW paint codes list. They are available for information purpose only. It is best to look for the paint code in your car first, and see color and code in the list. In any case that you need any parts to exactly look like the body color of the BMW, you will need the paint code to ensure that the paint that will be used is the exact match.


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