BMW E90 Hidden On Board Computer Tricks – Unlocking The Hidden OBC Menus

E90 Hidden OBC Menus

The BMW On Board Computer (OBC) is something that would be interesting to access and explore. The BMW E90, E91, E92 and perhaps the E93 have hidden On Board Computer menus or service menus. Many BMW owners do not know much about the OBC functions because most of these functions are hidden and not documented. Perhaps you are not aware of the hidden menus and service menus in your On Board Computer so it would be fun and interesting to know the BMW hidden on board computer tricks for BMW E90. It is time to explore the hidden OBC functions of your BMW.

There are two ways to access the BMW E90 hidden on board computer menus.

First Option

  1. Set the ignition to on or start the car.
  2. Push and hold the button for ten seconds to restart the daytrip or odometer.

Second Option

  1. Push and hold the button and it will restart the daytrip or odometer.
  2. While holding the button pressed, put the key to its slot and let go of the button.

Once you have access to the OBC, the display the data should show a “XX.YY” format. The first two digits indicate the main menu and the next two digits indicate the sub menu. So if the data displayed is 01.00, it indicates Main Menu 01 and sub menu 00.

Use the daytrip or odometer button to navigate the menus. While data displays XX._ press the daytrip button repeatedly to select options in the main menu (XX) until you find the main menu option you are looking for. Wait for couple of seconds for the data display to show XX.00, at this point pressing the button will give you the options in the sub menu (YY).

If you want to return to the main menu options (XX), press the daytrip/odometer button for two seconds until it displays XX._ again.

Unlock all the OBC menus

If you want to leave the hidden menu, press and hold the daytrip/odometer button for ten seconds. Also, you can leave the hidden menu by simply removing the key.

The accessible main menus are 01, 02 and 19. To open the other menus, you will need a code to access them. You can find the code in menu 01.00. You will need to sum up the VIN number to come up with the unlock code. For example, the figures that appear is XX12345, add the last five digits (12345 in this example) and the sum is 15 (1+2+3+4+5=15). Here, 15 stands as your unlock code.

Use this code to unlock all the menu options. To use the unlock code, select main menu 19. Wait until it looks for the unlock code. Enter the unlock code then press the daytrip/odometer button until it reads the code (15 in this case), and it will display ‘lock: off’ and all menus will be accessible.

Remember not to take too long before you enter input; otherwise it will time out and return you to the normal readout. It is easy to learn the BMW hidden on board computer tricks.


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