BMW E36 Upgrades: Get Your E36 Ready For This Year’s Bimmerfest!

BMW E36 Upgrades

Are you looking to upgrade your E36 in preparation for this year’s Bimmerfest? In just a few weeks, every BMW enthusiasts and owners will be there to showcase their BMWs. You sure want your E36 to have that showroom look when you bring it to the big BMW event. If you are looking for suggestions or ideas to upgradeE36, here is some great BMW E36 upgrades that you may want to consider:

Color-code Bumpers. One of the coolest ways to make your car look fuller and pleasing to the eye is to color-code the bumpers of your car. Color-coded bumpers will make huge improvement to the look of your E36.

LED Angele Eye Rings. When it comes to E36 headlight upgrades, many E36 enthusiasts highly recommend the BMW E36 LED Angel Eye Rings headlight upgrade.  If you are looking to replace your E36’s stock yellow look angel eyes then the LED Angel Eye Rings upgrade will give your headlights that white halo look. You will see a big difference when you go LED with your angel eyes headlights. LED Angel Eye headlights are long lasting and can stand any conditions. The quality and performance of these lights make the unit one of the popular BMW E36 upgrades.

Lowering Springs. Another step you can take to improve the look of your car is to upgrade the suspension system by adding lowering springs. Lowering the car will make noticeable improvement not only to the look of your E36, but the handling as well. Even if your E36 is not fitted out with body kits, it will look phenomenal with color-coded bumpers and a set of high quality lowering springs.

Exhaust System. The rear end of your E36 will look great and sound great too, especially with twin pipes.  A complete exhaust system E36 upgrade should boost the power of your car by about 5-10 BHP.

The E36 project is a labor of love.

Alloy wheels. Upgrading the wheels of your E36 will surely make an obvious visual improvement. A new set of wheels will give your E36 a whole new look. Many car enthusiasts go for five-spoke alloy wheels because they really look great. These wheels allow good air flow for cooling the brakes. If your car is fitted with large brake discs, these wheels will give them a nice exposure. Having larger alloys will wider tires will improve the grip. There are many designs and offsets available for your car, so choose the best for your car.

Clear Lenses. Installing clear lenses will further improve your car. The front of your E36 will look unique and wider. The rear indicators may cost you more but it will surely add a new dimension to your E36. Clear lenses are standard equipment on M3 evolutions so having these lenses installed to your E36 will make your car stand out from other BMWs.

Body Kits. If you really want go further with your BMW E36 upgrades and create your ultimate car, adding BMW body kits is a great addition to your E36. You can simply add a rear boot spoiler. If you want to go further, get a complete body kit. The kit includes front and rear spoilers, rear wing and side skirts. You may choose to mix and match kits of different brands, but it is better to add a set because some them are designed to complement one another.

Whether you want your E36 upgraded for the big BMW event or just want to see your car stand out from the rest of the BMWs. These BMW E36 upgrades will definitely make huge improvement to your car. Now start modifying your E36!


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