BMW E36 Euro Ellipsoid Projector Headlights – Cool Projector Lights For Your E36

Bmw E36 3 Series Euro Ellipsoid Projector Headlights

BMW’s unique look owes it largely to its BMW headlights. Headlights are not just used in making a car look unique, but they are mostly created to add safety to the driver driving. However, BMW did not just create unique BMW headlights, but they were also able to make reliable headlights that most are after. Even for the BMW E36 series, BMW was also able to create the BMW E36 EURO Ellipsoid Projector Headlights to cater to its growing fans.

If you are searching for headlights for your E36 BMW car, finding new BMW E36 EURO Ellipsoid Projector Headlights can ensure you of the satisfaction you always had with your BMW. Such headlights are made with high quality polyester plastic and glass by DEPO so you are for certain see the headlights clearly.

All you will need to do is to find a reliable company to get your EURO Ellipsoid Projector. These set of  BMW E36 EURO Ellipsoid Projector headlights will perfectly fit your 1992-1999 BMW E36 3 Series as the unit has plug and play connectors for easy installation, a pair of glass projector headlights, and still original EURO Ellipsoid Projector. These headlights will provide your car with the brightest angel eyes you can have for your car, but still retaining the old OEM you once had.

EURO Ellipsoid Projector headlights give your car a nice front end eye look

Advantages of these projector headlights include:

* Halogen bulbs that is brighter than the standard given

* Its outer glass layer is made of high quality material and will not turn yellowish overtime

* The outer glass layer is also protected against fog or blur even during harsh conditions

* It has a snap back dust cover that seal the headlights better than any other type of projector headlights

* Options of having angel eyes or HID installed

* Can decrease eye fatigue

* And can change the visual appearance of your BMW E36

Make sure that you are careful when purchasing your BMW E36 EURO Ellipsoid Projector headlights since some other offer may give you a cheap alternative, but they mostly provide lower quality optics with lenses that are not even bright. They will also provide you with plastic lenses that will fade or crack easily. Whether you are replacing an old projector headlight or changing your old one because of an accident, it is mostly important that you find a place that will get you that Euro style and still provide you with the quality and elegance most common with BMW cars.


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