Looking For Suggestions On Your Next BMW E46 Upgrades?


Though the BMW E46 series is still considered as one of the best cars manufactured by the company, there are several upgrade options available to make it look much better than it is. If you’re  looking to further enhance your car for show use, track racing or just for  visual and performance improvement, there is plenty [...]

Why You Need To Have The Best BMW Lighting System?

Cool BMW Lighting

It is important that your BMW have the right lights to get the best performance. The headlights, tail lights, HID lights and corner lights play important roles in the performance of the BMW. Like other parts of the car, these BMW lighting components must be carefully maintained or modified to make the most out of [...]

Looking For Your Next BMW E36 Upgrades?

BMW E36 Upgrades

There is no doubt that BMW is a cool car and most BMW owners can attest to this since they are mostly found satisfied with how their car is. But just like any other cars, BMW cars also need cool upgrades. And the great part about BMW is that there are so many upgrades in [...]

BMW E90 Hidden On Board Computer Tricks – Unlocking The Hidden OBC Menus

E90 Hidden OBC Menus

The BMW On Board Computer (OBC) is something that would be interesting to access and explore. The BMW E90, E91, E92 and perhaps the E93 have hidden On Board Computer menus or service menus. Many BMW owners do not know much about the OBC functions because most of these functions are hidden and not documented. Perhaps [...]