BMW E46 Upgrade Tips – BMW E46 3 Series 4DR Black Housing Angel Eye Projector Headlights


Are you considering upgrading your BMW E46 4 door car? If you are looking for a nice upgrade to your E46, consider getting a set of BMW E46 3 Series 4DR Black Housing Angel Eye Projector Headlights. This set of BMW E46 Angel Eye Projector Headlights will give your car a stand out beauty and [...]

Do Your Really Need Stealth Bulbs On Your Corners?

Stealth Chrome Bulbs

We have clearly seen the great effects of lights on and in the car. Such automobile bulbs have different bright lights offered for the headlight, tail light fog light and even the interior light of your car. For those who are changing their corner lights the challenge is to how to make those corner lenses [...]

Solve HID Issues With HID Anti Flicker Capacitor – Error Code Canceller

HID Lights

What is the use of the HID anti flicker capacitor? Generally, they are use for late models of BMW, Mercedes and other brand models that need lights to stop flickering or for those cars with bulb out issues. These HID anti flicker capacitors or error code canceller are mostly installed when your car is experiencing [...]