Have Boring STOCK BMW E90 Headlights? Replace Them With BMW E90 M3 Light LED Angel Eye Headlights

E90 LED Angel Eye Upgrade Kit

Are you looking to upgrade your BMW E90/91 headlights? Are you looking for solution to replace the dim yellow factory angel eyes to xenon white? Replace that dull yellow look of your angel eyes with BMW E90 LED Angel Eyes Halo Kit. Upgrade your stock halogen type bulb with the newest generation LED technology. Installing [...]

BMW Restoration – Restore The Beauty Of Your Aging BMW With New BMW Parts And Accessories

Techno Classica Essen 2012 - BMW Section

It is refreshing to see classic cars back in good showroom condition. The recent Techno Classica Essen 2012 last week took a lot of classic car enthusiasts to a journey in time back through automotive history. The vehicles displayed in the world’s grandest oldtimers and classic cars exhibition are truly sensational. It is just amazing [...]

Make Your BMW E46 2 Door 3 Series Look New Again With BMW E46 Black Housing Angel Eye Projector Headlights

BMW E46 2 Door 3 Series with Black Housing Angel Eye Projector headlights

Headlights are one of the main attractions you will have in your BMW. These will mostly help in making your driving experience safer especially that they provide halo projector headlights that are white and has a very bright ray that is mostly reliable especially at night. Whether you are changing your damaged projector headlights or [...]

BMW E46 Black Housing Angel Eye Projector Headlights – Looking For The Best E46 Headlights Upgrade?

BMW E46 facelift model

Have you checked the front end of your BMW E46 3 Series Convertible lately? Does it look fresh or old? If your BMW has been in service for many years, there may be some parts that need to be replaced or upgraded. One of the front end parts of the E46 that you may want [...]

BMW E36 Euro Ellipsoid Projector Headlights – Cool Projector Lights For Your E36

EURO Ellipsoid Projector headlights give your car a nice front end eye look

BMW’s unique look owes it largely to its BMW headlights. Headlights are not just used in making a car look unique, but they are mostly created to add safety to the driver driving. However, BMW did not just create unique BMW headlights, but they were also able to make reliable headlights that most are after. [...]

BMW E30 3-Series Euro Smiley Projector Headlights – A Tough Car Like The E30 Deserves A Reward

Modified BMW E30 with Euro Smiley Projector headlights

The headlights lights up the road for you. These lights make nighttime driving a lot safer. They are also used in giving off signals to other drivers to indicate where you are going. To say, headlights are very important to the right functioning of the BMW car. If you are looking to replace the headlights [...]

BMW E36 LED Angel Eye Upgrade – Replace Your E36 Stock Projector Headlights With Indestructible LED Angel Eyes

BMW E36 LED Angel Eye Upgrade

Among all the parts that can be upgraded in your BMW E36, you will firstly consider changing your headlights before even considering the other parts of your car. Having your BMW E36 angel eye upgrade is not also expensive and this can be advantageous as it provides road safety with a touch of pure elegance. [...]

The Unique Features Of BMW Angel Eyes Headlights

BMW Angel Eye Headlights

Headlights are one of the most important parts of the car. They give enough light that will let drivers see the road on misty or foggy days and at night. When traveling in a short or long distance at night, drivers rely to their headlights for safe nighttime driving. Too much brightness or not enough [...]

BMW E36 Project: BMW E36 3-Series Black Housing Angel Eye Projector Headlights

E36 Angel Eye Projector Headlights

On a rainy night or foggy days, drivers tend to have difficulties looking outside their car while driving. Poor visibility of the road causes most of the road accidents. As a result, many people nowadays are being conscious and smart enough to choose the right car for them. They want to ensure the wellbeing of [...]

Stealth Grills For BMW E46

BMW E46 Stealth Grills

One way to identify a car even from afar is just by its grills. And BMW has already created its own mark when it comes to their kidney grills since they have been in existence for eighty years now. These two grills are perfectly positioned between the BMW headlights and can easily be installed to [...]