You Think Amber Looks Good? Check Out BMW Clear Corners With Stealth Bulbs

Most cars have amber corner lenses. Want to make the corner lights on your BMW look better than most cars? While amber lights look good for some people, you will surely agree that the corner lights would look much better when they are clear. If you want to give your car a more appealing look, replacing those amber corner lenses with BMW clear corners is the right way to go. Having a set of clear corner lights installed to your BMW, you get the results you want to see.

Corner lights are standard parts for every car. But when it comes to lighting modifications, consider the value of replacement BMW corner lights or OEM BMW replacement amber lights. These lights are designed to give your car aesthetic improvement. As an accessory, clear corners give your BMW a unique look while maintaining the real value of the lights it replaces.

Modifying your amber corner lights is one of the most basic modifications you can do to your ride.  European clear lights are available for BMW’s and they are the right replacement for the amber lights when you want them to look better. Unlike the standard amber corner lights, the monochromatic appeal of BMW clear corners will give your ride that stunning look. Clear corner lights make your BMW look smooth without making the light inserts noticeable.

You make clear corners look much better when you replace the amber bulbs with Stealth bulbs to make them look invisible. These bulbs are chrome-coated so they look invisible when off and they appear amber when lit. You will love the look and effect of clear corners when you use Stealth bulbs.

One thing that you will like about this is that you can do the installation yourself. You do not have to be an expert to install the BMW clear corners. As you can see from the video on top of this page, installing the clear corners to your BMW can be done in less than three minutes. All you need is just a philips screwdriver to do the install. So if modifying your car is interesting to you and love to play around with the clear corners then installing clear corner lights to your BMW would be worth it.

To maximize the beauty of your BMW, modify your standard corner lights with BMW clear corners with Stealth bulbs.  So what are you waiting for? Modify your corner lights now and enjoy the ride.


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