Want To Have Angel Eyes That Look Like The New Cars? Switch To BMW LED Angel Eyes

When BMW redesigned their headlights and tail lights a decade ago, they come up with the unique BMW Angel Eye headlights. This original headlight concept, as they called it Corona Rings in the past, is used for daytime running lights. However, these lights are not really bright, especially when you compare it in today’s standard of new daytime running lights. If your BMW is fitted with yellow halogen Angel Eyes, then LED Angel Eyes is a must have upgrade for your driving lights.

The light of halogen Angel Eye rings is more of a yellow tint. In today’s automotive standard, halogen is dated and many drivers would prefer white lights. To remove that yellow halogen Angel Eyes, you will have to replace them with LED Angel Eyes. These super bright LED’s provide bright white light that really looks great. This is definitely a great upgrade since these LED Angel Eyes provide better lighting than halogen Angel Eyes.

Installing them directly to your car is easy. You do not need to make any modification or wire adjustments because they fit perfectly into your car’s existing bulb sockets. You just have to remove the stock halogen bulbs and replace them with LED Angel Eye bulbs. Plug and play as they call it.

Some people are having second thoughts about installing LED bulbs to their cars because they are concerned about these bulbs get warm and will have heating up problems. Well, you do not have to worry about that when you switch to LED lights because they never get warm.

Find the Right BMW LED Angel Eyes for Your Car

Now when choosing BMW LED Angel Eye bulbs, it is important that you know the correct size that will fit the existing bulb holder of your car.  This is important to know because there are different kinds of LED Angel Eyes kits on the market. You will need to know the year and model of our BMW in order to find the right BMW Angel Eye bulbs that will match the headlights. You can check out the video on top for the popular LED Angel Eyes for BMW cars and the best option for bulb upgrade.

New BMW LED Angel Eyes will enhance the color of your Angel Eye rings. Go ahead get rid of the yellow halogen Angel Eyes in your BMW and switch to LED Angel Eyes. You’ll love what you’ll see when you install BMW LED Angel Eyes.


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