Angel Eye FAQ: Everything you need to know about BMW Angel Eyes

The manufacturing of the unique angel eyes headlights and tail lights have gone a long way. It all started out with BMW introducing such unique headlights and tail light designs for their BMW 5 series. Fortunately, these designs have become much better over the years. The great changes in BMW angel eyes have progressed not just with most BMW cars, but with other car models as well.

Since angel eyes can now be found in the newer models of BMW cars, models that do not have such lights are provided with kits that will add rings to their car. If you are doing your own BMW angel eye installation, your aim is to make it as professional looking as you can. Before you start with your installation, better make sure that you have everything you will need to have and this will include the necessary tools and of course your kit.

You will start by removing the clear corners of your BMW and use a screw driver to unscrew the top. You will also need to remove the headlight trim and then remove the entire headlight. The entire headlight is screwed with five bolts. There are two bolts on the top and two underneath and there is one other headlight that is a bit hidden so better make sure you find this since a lot of those who start their BMW angel eye installation breaks their headlight because they were not able to unscrew the fifth bolt. Put a rag underneath your headlight when removing it from the car since this may scratch your bumper.

After successfully removing the headlight, it is now time to take apart the headlights and remove the headlight cover. When removing the seal, clean it up first to prevent any dirt from coming on the lens.  Then, just pop off the plastic to remove the cover and remove the halo surround.

The next step now is to your BMW angel eye installation is to put the angel eye. Your angel eyes are pretty much easy to install since they come with clips and built in circuit boards that prevents from having any on board computer errors and will let the LED to run properly. Clip the angel eyes to the high beam area and feed the wire to the back of the high beam. Repeat the same procedure for the next light and feed the wire back through. After that, you can now put everything back together. The last step is to plug the LED wires back into the circuit board. Just put it in there and they will click into place.

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