Looking To Replace Your Faded And Cracking BMW Door Trim Molding?

It’s always a beauty to see BMW cars. However, in time some parts of the car become faded and breaking. Old, faded and cracking parts can affect the look of your BMW. If you are a car enthusiast you will not let faded and breaking parts ruin the beautiful look of your BMW. One of the parts of your car that may eventually need replacement is the BMW door trim molding. When the door trim moldings of your BMW are no longer resilient, then it is time to replace them to revive its beauty.

Changing the door trim moldings on your BMW is a less expensive way to keep your car look fresh and the replacement procedure is something that you can do. Removing the old BMW door trim molding can easily accomplished by carefully removing it off with a plastic V-shape panel popper. You may also use a flat-head screwdriver or putty knife to remove the trim moldings, but you will have to be extra careful not to scratch the paint as you pry door trim molding off the metal door. But if you want to make sure you will not scratch the paint, better use the plastic panel popper.

BMW Door Trim Moldings

Slide the panel popper behind the BMW door trim molding and pop them out. Gently remove the trim piece with your hands. Chances are you will break a plastic clip or two, but they are available at the dealer. There are several mounting points for the door trims, so will only repeat the process of removing the panel on the metal door.

Installing the BMW door trim molding is equally easy. The new piece has small rubber grommets that you put on the mounting points. After inserting the rubber grommets in the mounting points, you can now attach the door trim panel. Starting from one end, gently push in the piece. Make sure that everything is in line and finalize it by pushing it all the way. Replacing the door trim moldings of your car is quick and easy. After the installation your BMW looks much cleaner and newer.

Replacement for your door trim moldings is not hard to find. You can find a huge variety of replacement door trim moldings for your BMW door trim molding needs. Don’t let the beauty of your BMW ruined by those faded and cracking door trim moldings. Replace them with new door trim molding for BMW and restore the beauty and elegance of your car.


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