Looking For BMW Painted Parts?

Some BMW owners are meticulously detailing their car to make a real show stopper look. One of the things they consider is replacing some parts with BMW painted parts to match the color of the vehicle. Adding color matched painted version of some BMW parts will make your car look phenomenal. Color matched painted version of some BMW parts will also give your car that stealthy look as these BMW painted parts installed in your car are kind of concealed from a distance. If you want to add style to car, adding painted parts for your BMW is the way to go.

If you are searching the web for BMW painted parts, here are some popular parts that you can have custom painted:

Custom BMW Painted Grills

Want to give the front of your car a cleaner look? One of the noticeable front parts of your car is the iconic BMW grills. If you are looking for a new way to make it look newer, then replacing the factory black grills with color matched version of the grill inserts will do the trick. This is a great way to enhance the look of your BMW and at the same time add a custom touch to your car.  Fitting a new set of painted kidney grills is a simple upgrade that can change the front look of your BMW.

BMW Painted Reflectors

There is nothing wrong with your existing key lock, but if you are looking to add personal touch to your cover locks, you may want to consider these Euro painted cover locks.  Replacing your existing key locks with painted Euro cover locks will surely give your car that custom look.

Custom BMW Painted Reflectors

One of BMW painted parts that looks great is the painted front reflectors. BMW painted reflectors will perfectly blend in the bumper and create a neat look to the front of your car. These body colored reflectors are perfect for making a clean and stealthy look.  Check out the video on top to see how these painted reflectors look in the car bumper.

Adding BMW painted parts is a simple upgrade, but the body colored BMW parts will enhance the look of your car. Whether you need a replacement part or simply looking to add more style and character to your BMW, remember that you have alternative options to the original design. There is a large selection of painted parts for your BMW.


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