Keep Your Beautiful Bumper Cover Flawless With Tow Hook License Plate Holder

Got a new bumper installed in your car but do not want to drill holes for the front license plate? The solution to your problem is a tow hook license plate holder. Now you can mount your front license plate without having to drill holes in your beautiful bumper cover.

In many states and countries, many cars are not required to display license plate on the front. Because of this, they come out of the factory without the need for front license plate. However, these days a lot of states are requiring car owners to display their front license plate. Some car owners hate to see bumper holes for mounting the front license plate. If drilling holes to your brand new bumper is a big deal to you, then you may want to go with a nice kit to hold your front license plate without drilling holes in your expensive bumper cover.

You can keep your BMW street legal without having to drill holes in the bumper to display the front license plate. You can use the front license plate tow hook mounting kit that adapts your front tow hook. All the parts of the tow hook license plate holder are made of stainless steel and powder coated to stand up to daily driving conditions. It is a great product for your car.

Tow Hook License Plate Holder

Installing the tow hook license plate holder is quick and easy. The kit includes all the things you need and you do need special tools to complete the installation. Simply remove the cover on the front tow hook mounting port and install the tow hook adapter bolt with a wrench. Then install the bracket where you screw the license plate. The tow hook license plate holder is height adjustable and you can get the kit in straight or angled type.

Are you participating in show or track events and don’t need license plate displayed? No problem. You can simply remove your license plate anytime you do not need it. It’s that easy.

If you have an expensive bumper, the last thing that you want to do is to bore holes in it. Now you don’t have to worry about having your beautiful bumper cover ruined by holes just to display that front license plate. With front plate tow hook license plate holder, you can display your front license plate and keep your expensive bumper in flawless condition.


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