Have Dull Clear Corner Lenses? Obviously Not If You Use Stealth Bulbs.

Do you really need to change your factory bulbs when it is even new? For most car enthusiasts, upgrading their car into a new level of performance and look is just natural. This means even changing the factory amber colored bulbs you have for your vehicle. However, problems arise when you are looking for replacement. You are either presented by the same ugly yellow or red taillights that are already installed as your factory bulbs. Don’t just choose the same clear corner lenses with an egg yolk look since your clear corner lenses need stealth bulbs.

How do these stealth bulbs differ from those clear corner lenses in the first place? Well, instead of having the usual clear corner lenses we mostly see when you first bought your car, the stealth bulbs provide chrome signal bulbs that are silver when off and amber when the light is on. The mirror bulbs do not have that egg yolk effect you are commonly familiar with in most vehicles and that makes stealth bulbs totally different from the rest.

You know that your clear corner lenses need stealth bulbs because it provides that flawless and unique look that your car needs. There are a lot of great benefits to changing to stealth bulbs beside from the style your car can achieved. The bulbs itself provides bright amber blinker that is not the same with your factory light. The bulbs themselves are also virtually invisible in clear lenses so you won’t have that ugly yellow look your clear corner lenses have.

Why let dull factory amber bulbs ruin your clear corner lenses?

Actually, a lot of car enthusiasts know that their clear corner lenses need stealth bulbs and a lot of car enthusiasts are now in the lookout on how they can change the appearance of their car lenses. This is where your stealth bulbs can help out since the bulbs are completely 100% chrome all around and you will be able to see it all through compared to your factory clear corner lenses.

Stealth bulbs are also legal and they are DOT Approved, created by a NASA expert and are made entirely in the USA. Whether you want them for your car, motorcycle, or any other type of vehicle you can change your clear corner lenses to stealth bulbs. And even if you are driving a BMW, Mercedes, VW, Audi, and a lot more there will be stealth bulbs available for your car.

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